Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

Cutting pastries and bread

Patisserie 314x224

Our machines are dedicated to cut slabs of fresh or frozen pastries at high speed in boxes if needed.

A new model to cut breads at the exit of the furnace is available, possible to cut fresh bread or frozen all shapes in line at high speed.

We developped a machine to cut fresh bread dough before going to the industrial oven, continuous cut, 10 Sodeva ultrasonic blades.

Special machine to cut in line all frozen pies, tarts in molds at high speed.

Sandwiches to be cut in line, with ham or salad and cheese inside perfectly cut.

Make the difference precutting your pastries, tarts, cakes and bread !

The ultrasonic slicing technology naturally applies to cutting pastries, mainly for the following reasons:

  • No sticking to the blade, which is particularly important for some very sticky pastries
  • Possibility to install air blowers close to the blade, to prevent products from falling on the blade
  • Perfect clean cut surface WITHOUT damaging any delicate pastries
  • Possibility to automatically clean the blade, between each product, to avoid any cross contamination, such as bacteries or allergens, through the cutting
  • High accuracy 3D-VISION for FIXED WEIGHT slicing to the GRAM
  • Compact and scalable machines as per your needs
  • Wide products variety slicing without any tool changing
  • High speed slicing : 60 to 120 strokes / min per blade
  • Wash down, and easy to maintain
  • Very competitive price

With our ultrasonic slicers you are sure that the generators, transducers, boosters, titanium blades, as well as all the mechanics and automation are designed and manufactured entirely by us, for performant  high integrated equipment, cheaper, and finallly with a (wavelength) step ahead!

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New machine at 28 000 € !