Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

SODEVA is specialized in cutting machines for cheeses dairies , confectioneries, frozen food, cooked meat, cakes slabs or tarts. Also screening machines are supplied in liquid-phase for dairies or pharmacy, cosmetics industries. We supply US and Canadian market with our Canadian subsidiary based in Quebec.

Manufacturer of all his cutting vibrating blades or seiving devices with ultrasounds.

New cutting blade 850 mm width Vibracut very interesting for big blocks cheeses in logs at fixed weight !

We delivered our Vibracut in Germany to cut 800x800x400 mm blocs in 800x100x100mm logs at fixed weight.

Our customers elaborate their processes from their industrial sizes to the end customers portions in line directly to their sales in retail portions in the packaging.

Contact us to know our new devices !

–  New vibrating blades able to do perfect cubes or sticks from blocks

– New Machine delivered in Switzeland with ten ultrasonic blades ….innovations :

– New ultrasonic cutting machine to offer this new process to all companies best price: 28000 € ! Sell your cheeses in portions directly to your customers … This machine was adapted to the cut of pies, tarts or cakes even high or frozen…

– New machine to cut big cheese wheels 90 centimeters diameter in line

– New machine to cut frozen tarts and pies in aluminium molds high velocity

– Machine able to cut confectioneries at the exit of a roller (continuous cut) , all portions put in line directly to the packaging…

– New vibrating blade high velocity to cut frozen 600 x 400 mm slabs minus 18°C !

– New ultrasonic blade high amplitude for organic cheeses,  perfect clean cuts at fixed weight

– New ultrasonic machine to cut at fixed weight all sizes, wheels round cheeses and square blocs, weight and cut small budget,

– New machine for big cheeses up to 900 mm diameter, weight and cut at right goal, able   to precut rings on the same machine, and after cut them in 250 grams portions for example  or other  weights possible …

– New machines to cut chocolates in line and sweets, nougat, caramel, fudge …

– New model with high level of return on investment for our fixed weight machines in line to cut loaves AND wheels of cheeses, high speed,

– Cheese fixed weight machines for round cheeses and square all portions in line to your packaging.

– Brie extracting portions at fixed weight 70 portions minute direct to the packaging machine in line !

– New Sodeva generators special low power to cut chocolate, caramel or marshmallows,

 Enjoy your visit!

Our new models of slicers dedicated to small cheese dairies cutting both loaves and wheels are available !

The frequency emitted by our ultrasonic slicer generator provides a very efficient slicing by a vigrating blade or sieving by a vibrating screen.Without this vibration you cannot easily and cleanly cut  very fine and complex food or  sieve powders from 20 microns.

The  ultrasonic cutting is then perfectly suited to the cut of :

  • Slicing cheeses (wheel, euroblock, parsley block, cheese log…),
  • Cooked meats (pates, parsley ham, foie gras, quiche, pie…),
  • Cutting pastries (pie, dessert, cake, gingerbread, cookie, puff pastry…)
  • Slicing confectioneries (nougat, fruit paste, caramel, almond paste, fruit candy, cereal bars, chocolate, marshmallow, ganache, brittle …)
  • Servings & delis   (wraps, sushis, sandwiches …),
  • Frozen foods  all kinds,
  • Fixed weight for pre-packed, for important savings throught an accurate control of the sold product.



A wide machine range suitable to all type of products,  up to the complete production line with automatic product loading and unloading at fixed weight. All shapes could be done like, fixed weight goal matched !:


Exact fixed weight 300 g !


Ultrasonic systems (generators, transmitters, boosters, blades, screens, frame) and whole machines manufacturing (design, machining, sheet metal works, framing and welding, assembly, automation, set up)

Spare blades sale at best price. Our technical service will pass our know-how to you.

Ultrasonc sieving by a soft and efficient unclogging, respectfull to the product’s quality, for any kind of powders from 20 micron screens, and effective serum separators for high volume cheese (80 m3 / h).

Screens mounting on empty frames for any kind of mesh or fabric types, according to the requiredstandards, providing year contracts with safety stock, we work in 2×8 hours shifts to ensure quick delivery.

Our new slicers are able to cut all shapes with the same machine, loaves, logs and wheels a versatile machine with high speed.

We have a wide in stocks range of slicerssievers and cleaning stations. Our rental package or test with buying option has attracted many customers by its simplicity and transparency, try it!