Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry
Tél. +33(0) 4 79 34 39 74 – Fax. +33 (0) 4 79 35 33 69 - mail :

Our company

SODEVA TDS (capital €360,000)


Managing director :

François VULCAIN email


RCS Chambéry 493 657 415

 Share capital: €360,000

New huge order for Sodeva 10 ultrasonic blades in one machine for a Swiss customer !

Our new model of cutting at fixed weight for cheeses found a great success; two machines ordered . This is the beginning of a good range of machines based on our patent to hold continuously the products during the cut, then absolutely no loss of weight.  In February our versatile cutting machine for confectionery is adopted on both sides of the Atlantic for frozen and nougat. One of our major customers caramel maker validated in March their new machine ( the fourth ) the caramels are cut at high speed directly connected with packing boxes.

A Swiss cheese major client entrusted us with a cutting machine with a fixed weight of X-rays, open cheeses ( with holes ).

A beautiful machine cutting marshmallows was assembled , 50x50x50 mm shape and an automatic coating chocolate online formats.

Our new model cutting cheese with vision was adopted by two large cheese Canadians makers.

Our new little deli slicer dedicated to found three new customers interested by the compactness of the model and the low price !

we have just won in the USA a great contract, highly competitive , to equip the leader in cutting cheese , two complete lines with weight management in 70 types of cheeses.

In addition, our cutting machine frozen bread came to Canada.

A cutting machine fixed weight was ordered  by an Israeli company . It is equipped with all our latest developments, including modularity of all its components.

Many confectioners have trusted us for cutting online chocolate and nougat .

Our new range of slicers deli was a great success, especially the model for cutting pies regulated weight machine very compact and low price .

Two new orders one in the USA and one in Canada with our new patent allowing simultaneous cutting and slicing logs and wheels at fixed weight.

Our line cutting fixed weight for a large Swiss cheese is now in operation, the X-rays to the fixed weight … 99% after one week start ! We will reach 100 % soon …

In Canada Sodeva machines are now the reference, a new cheese maker has chosen us because of a proven high-performance technology now allows a very fast return on investment!

A new chocolate company trusted us, a world leader in the first machine will be delivered to him according to his process very upscale , Sodeva was at the appointment for quality and good output.

A Canadian cheese has been conquered by our modular technology , cutting all formats , especially all wheels AND loaves , plus other formats in a very special marketing shpes. All on the same machine!

Brie is scanned and then cut back online to unit package fixed weight for a leader in France .

A spin machine based on this process has been purchased by a manufacturer of premium Brie , our machines are reliable and tested for satisfactory production for the producer and the market which increases its volume for portions adapted .

The world’s leading tire manufacturing  (Michelin) will take delivery of its cutting machine gum for its laboratories , its designer is Sodeva cutting systems and managed all comparative tests ultrasonic cutting , we are manufacturers of the ENTIRE so Machine manufacturers. Enjoy your machines of our expertise and cutting machine it is essential that it is not subcontracted !

The very busy summer months . Five lines fixed weight delivered; three in the U.S., one in Canada and one in Israel. All lines validated with cheeses customers from our cold room from around the world. Our Canadian subsidiary is fully started. You should have seen the jubilation of our clients on the same machine capable of slicing wheels from 200 to 420 mm in diameter, and also logs 800x200x300 mm shapes all with an accuracy to the nearest gram without changing tools. An American customer cut cylinders ” smoked gouda ” thinly curled , we had not thought of it but our system really takes all formats !

Following,  new deals are to put sheets of plastic between portions of big cakes after cutting… and still our modular fixed weight for all the cheese machines.

Fonterra trusts us for a big line of cheese, also Saputo for the same kind of process. Our caramel process cutting in a continuous way and packaging in boxes are so much appreciated.

Barron cheese USA chose our technology for all his cheese maker customers !

New machine to cut big wheels as  85 centimeters diameter.

New machine to cut in line cheeses with a roller loading the cheeses. It is an ultrasonic cut in a continuous way.

We developped new machines and new ultrasonic processes to improve your return on investment !

Do not hesitate to contact us for your projects ! (Direct email )