Savoie Hexapôle (unité de production) - 10 Rue Charles Montreuil - 73420 Méry

Replacement ultrasonic blades all brands

Free evaluation of blade replacement and budget

  • Cause of your need and blade model (photos)
  • Damage type (cracks, cracks, indentations and damage dimensions)
  • Cause (wear, frequency, collision with outside object or machine tools; breakage too frequent)…
  • Holding solutions and supply of complete package or repair if possible

Blade repair by machining

  • Depending on the diagnosis, we can reshape or replace your blades
  • We recalculate frequencies for reinstallation if repair

Complete replacement of ultrasound assemblies on request

  • We can replace complete sets, generators, transmitters and blades with our own sets with an evaluation of the existing controls and possibilities on the HMI (PLC program),
  • We have a stock of possibly compatible sets to help you and lend you a matching design cutting head if needed.
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