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Industrial slicer for chocolate and confectionery

Confectionery, chocolate, nougat, marshmallow, fruit paste, caramel

The technology of the ultrasonic slicers is obviously applied to the cutting of confectionery, caramel, nougat or marshmallow and chocolate, all on the same machine with vibrating blades. Our models work in continuous high-speed rolling mill with unit weight control.

We offer a model that cuts confectionery and places the candies in line for automatic packaging. An automatic separation / spacing of the sweets or chocolate parts allows the automatic coating.

An option is available in accompanying cut at the exit of a rolling mill, one or two cutting stations, exit in line for packaging. Cutting of turron nougat in all formats, bars, wheels...

No sticking of the product on the blade, which is particularly interesting for confectionery and sticky chocolates

The products are spaced by the blades allowing to work or coat them in line. The trimming of the plates is easy and very fine inducing a significant material saving.

All the added ingredients, hazelnuts, cookies, almonds, candied fruits and toppings are perfectly cut and present a very appetizing face,

In-line cutting in accompanying mode and cubing of the chocolate interiors before coating,

The cubes are perfect and without bias, in-line output with sprinklers,
Clean cutting surface, very high quality and WITHOUT DEFORMING the fragile confectionery and chocolates, perfect cubing of fruit pastes or caramels,
Possibility of automatic cleaning of the blade, when changing products, to avoid any mixing of flavors or components (such as allergens for example), through the blade,
Compact and scalable machines according to your needs
Versatile cutting without tooling changes directly on our belts
High speed slicing: from 60 to 120 cuts / min.
Fully washable and easy to maintain
Very competitive prices and different models according to your production.

The ultrasonic vibrating blades do not require any particular maintenance or consumable. They are sharpenable because we design them with an excess of material allowing it.

With our ultrasonic slicers you are sure that the generators, transmitters, amplifiers, titanium blades, as well as all the mechanics and automatism are entirely designed and manufactured by us, for high performance equipment that is better integrated, more economical and finally one step ahead!


Chocolate plate cutter 600×400 mm in cubes

Cereal or chocolate bars in line

Caramel cutting and wrapping

Automatic chocolate cutter

Confectionery cutting

Marshmallow cut-out

Cutting of fixed weight nougat bars

Nougat cutting

Our product leaflets for confectionnery

Découpe de chocolat en ligne continue

Découpe de chocolat en ligne continue

Cutting machine for confectionery and chocolate

Cutting machine for confectionery and chocolate

Extraction en ligne

Extraction en ligne

Extraction transversale

Extraction transversale

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