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Industrial slicer for cutting pastry and bread

Pastry and bread slicing

The technology of ultrasonic slicers is obviously  applied to pastries, cutting slabs in frozen or fresh, cutting pies, operas, strawberry and raspberry, cutting mignardises and slicing cakes or gingerbread.

We also slice raw dough before baking, such as palms or puff pastry... Our new model with slab blocking achieves a high cutting speed on a large height of pastry sheet, the insertion of spacers is also controlled by Sodeva between the pie slices (max. pie height 130 mm) and the rectangular sheets. This way, there is no sticking of the slices between your premises and your customers!

The cutting of the pastry sheets is easy and very accurate, the blades allow to cut and to push the edges in recovery trays. Each part can be separated from the others with a spacing programmable by the automaton, for example immediate thousand-sheet format. Our customers choose to leave a sheet under the plates to facilitate the transfer and the work of the cakes cut by our vibrating blades. As you will see on the pictures, there is no color mixing at the cut which is clean and straightforward and therefore appetizing.

Our most popular model, with twin 320 mm blades for a direct cut of 640 mm, allows the cutting of fresh or frozen pastry slabs very quickly, about one minute per slab, pies and sliced logs. The versatility of the ultrasonic tuning fork is also interesting by the possibility of cutting on the same machine the inside of chocolates, nougat, marshmallows, fruit paste, gingerbread or caramels in a format that can be modified at will.

Our new machine for cutting all sizes of breads coming out of the oven (from the baguette to the mini sofa) is available, variable cutting angle from 90° to 60°, the sandwich market is open...

  • No sticking of the product on the blade, which is particularly interesting for sticky pastries,
  • Perfect in-line slab cubing and accompanying cut at the exit of the extruder or laminator,
  • Versatility on the same machine for slabs and pies or round pastries
  • Clean cutting surface, very high quality and WITHOUT DEFORMING the fragile pastries
  • Possibility of automatic cleaning of the blade, when changing products, to avoid any mixing of flavors or components (such as allergens for example), through the blade,
  • Compact and scalable machines according to your needs
  • Versatile slicing without changing tools,
  • High speed slicing: from 60 to 120 cuts / min.
  • Fully washable and easy to maintain
  • Very competitive prices

With our ultrasonic slicers, you are sure that the generators, transmitters, amplifiers, titanium blades, as well as all the mechanics and automation are entirely designed and manufactured by us, for high performance equipment that is better integrated, more economical and ultimately one step ahead!


Cutting of frozen or fresh pastry frames 600x400mm

Cutting of grouped cakes

Cutting frozen bread in line

Cutting of bread dough

Cutting of frozen pies in moulds of all diameters

Frozen pastry cutting

Raspberry cutting

Ultrasonic cutting of frozen baking sheets in line

Bread cutting

Online cake cutting

High speed in-line pie cutting

Our product leaflets for pastry cutting

Cake slabs cutting machine 600×400 mm or 24×16 inches

Cake slabs cutting machine 600×400 mm or 24×16 inches

Trancheur 600x400 2 têtes

Trancheur 600x400 2 têtes

Tarts cutting machine in line 1500 tarts – hour

Tarts cutting machine in line 1500 tarts – hour

Tarts cutting machine upon tray 800 tarts – hour

Tarts cutting machine upon tray 800 tarts – hour

Compact In Line

Compact In Line

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