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Cheese and confectionery cubing

Cheese dicing

The sale of cubes and sticks opens new markets.

Our machines allow you to produce cubes in slabs or in sliced blocks sold in complete packaging.

We master the cutting of fragile products into cubes such as Feta cheese.


Cubing of confectionery chocolate marshmallow pastries

By extension the cubing and cutting in parallelepipedic formats are realized in slicing with or without spacing.

The vibrating blades cut then space the portions which are very useful for the packaging or the trimming and work on the products or their coating for chocolates, nougats or fruit pastes.

We are often asked to cut on cardboard or paper strips to facilitate handling or sale in boxes.

Our blades are controlled in such a way as to allow immediately by recipe and without touching the mechanics these modes of production without adjustments.


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