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Industrial slicer for cutting frozen products

Cutting frozen pies, cakes, fish blocks

We have developed patented ultrasonic blades and special profiles that allow us to cut products at minus 18°C without breaking the cold chain, whereas other blades stall at minus 10°C. These blades are used by our customers to slice cakes, frozen fruit pies coming out of the freezer or even frozen fish blocks. Our quick-change blade systems with automatic verification allow us to slice all different diameters of frozen pies in molds.

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Tarte au citron congelée

The frozen plates in 600 x 400 mm formats are processed by fully automatic machines that can make both thousand-sheet sizes and mignardises or sandwiches. The edges of the sheets are automatically trimmed and evacuated on conveyors avoiding stopping the machine.

We supply machines capable of cutting frozen breads of all sizes, either in their entirety or in a portfolio with adjustable cutting angles, and this at high speed at -18°C. Our machines allow to keep a hinge for half baguettes, or in the center for square or round breads, a customer even asked us to incline the cutting angle for his breads (see video) at the exit of the oven.

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Nougat glacé congelé

New Sodeva three-head ultrasonic in-line pie slicer.

With our ultrasonic slicers you can be sure that the generators, transmitters, amplifiers, titanium blades, as well as all the mechanics and automation are entirely designed and manufactured by us, for high performance equipment that is better integrated, more economical and ultimately one step ahead!

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Cutting frozen bread in line

Frozen pastry cutting

Cutting frozen bread in line

Ultrasonic cutting of frozen baking sheets in line

Cutting of frozen pies in moulds of all diameters

Cutting of frozen or fresh pastry frames 600x400mm

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