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Ultrasonic cutting and slicing

Cutting effort - Speed - Cutting bias - Cutting length - Pre-cut

A high cutting rate requires an increase in cutting power and an anti-stick effect on the products. This is achieved by using ultrasonically activated tuning forks.

  • Ultrasound = waves with frequencies between 16 kHz and several hundred MHz, for cutting between 20 and 35 kHz.
  • For cutting application = use of high power ultrasound - in the order of one to two kW (modifying the propagation medium).
  • The use of ultrasound in cutting has the dual purpose of increasing the cutting power of the tuning fork and generating an anti-sticking effect on the products.

Principle of operation

Ultrasonic cutting assembly consisting of an ultrasonic generator, a transmitter (or converter), possibly a booster, a blade (or sonotrode in general.) The ultrasonic assembly can generate large displacements at the end of the blade via an amplification principle.

The ultrasound generator provides the transmitter with a high frequency alternating electrical signal.

The conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy is ensured by the ultrasound transmitter, via the inverse piezoelectric effect (deformation of a material under the effect of an electrical polarization).

Principe Amplification Ultrasonore

Principe Amplification Ultrasonore

Some design rules

Finite element modeling of all the vibrating elements (modal and harmonic analysis), dimensioning of the vibrating elements, of the nominal power of the generator (4 possibilities), choice of the design of the ceramics (6 models), calculation of the amplification ratio of the blades (a hundred profiles).

Implementation of technical solutions according to the range of amplitude required (displacement at the end of the blade in microns), the instantaneous cutting rate of the machines, the cutting effort required (impacting the effective electrical power consumed by the ultrasound transmitter), the characteristics of the products (including hardness and melting temperature), the quality of cut to be achieved and the conditions of use of the machine (temperature and humidity).

Design of the blades by integrating the possibility of repairing them

Integration of the constraints of alimentarity on the concerned parts (in particular for the blades: aeronautical and medical certified material) and design of the machines; so as to control and minimize the noise potentially generated by the vibrating elements (declination of the rules of acoustic insulation in insulating boxes, no grids, to the ultrasound application).

Manufacturing of the elements, measurements, characterization (including impedance analysis), parameterization, adjustments, no-load tests (including endurance tests to measure the dynamic heating of the vibrating elements, on-board control with a high-frequency multimeter of the stability of the electrical parameters of the emitter, by cooling it under representative conditions), tests with the products, characterization of the level of ultrasonic noise emitted by the machines (certificates)

Ultrasonic control

The ultrasonic generator manages the control of the ultrasonic parameters of the transmitter; in order to deliver an electric signal generating a level of amplitude defined at the end of the blade, independently of the load (product and machine parameters); while vibrating the acoustic chain at the frequency of the vibratory mode required and previously defined during the design of the blade.

A multi-blade management mode is possible, allowing, for example, to dynamically control the vibratory frequency of each blade, the vibratory heating of the blades (potentially generated by friction with the products), and other parameters, via the possible choice of generator design with specific HMI interfaces (Profibus / Profinet).

Points under development: in order to improve the security of operation in complex situations:

  1. The addition of a detection function for the presence of the transmitter ceramics, independent of the length of the intermediate cables (compensated voltage drop).
  2. The integration of a decoupling of the function of maximum consumed RMS power / generator amplitude set point; in order to control, via the ultrasound generator, the consumed power, independently of the amplitude level.
  3. The addition of a dynamic monitoring of the heating temperature of the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) of the generator; in order to ensure that its operating curve is not exceeded.
  4. The improvement of the control of the contacts between the vibrating parts, via the restriction of the machining tolerances.

Presentation of 2 ultrasonic systems

A) So-called "classical" vibration systems

A single ultrasonic emitter is, in most cases, positioned in the direction of the cutting axis (according to the previous representation)


  • -> Maximization of the cutting power
  • -> The ultrasonic technology allows the combination of the double effect of cutting and anti-sticking

B) The Vibracut ® assembly

The emitters are positioned in a direction perpendicular to the cutting axis:


  • -> Maximization of the anti-sticking power (very powerful system), the cutting effect being ensured by mechanical movements
  • - More latitude in terms of blade dimensions and cutting process (e.g. horizontal cut)
  • -> Reduction of the price of the blades
  • -> Large cutting length up to one meter

Mastery of :

  • the design of the blades
  • operation of the upstream acoustic chain (generator, transmitter,...)
  • control of the ultrasonic parameters

R&D work such as :

  • the development of customized vibration solutions
  • increasing the reliability of the ultrasonic chain


  • the reduction of cutting losses to combine high speed, cutting accuracy, reduction of cutting effort, bias-free and repeatable cutting.

Company specialized in ultrasonic cutting

Decoupe Ultrason

Decoupe Ultrason

SODEVA is an integrated company with the status of manufacturer of ultrasonic cutting machines. The ultrasonic cutting allows an extremely precise slicing and cutting. It is equipped with three design offices: mechanical for all the plans made in-house, Automatism for the design of all the programs including those of the lines with feedback and management of the yearly weights, Electrical for all the wiring plans and the realization of the cabinets. The integrated boiler making allows the manufacture of all models of frames, screeners, cleaning tanks and conveyors. Our research and development center includes the management of ultrasound and processes specific to each trade, we file 3 to 4 patents per year and this center creates all the ultrasonic blades, acoustic and vibratory systems associated with advanced research centers. Our machining centers execute all our parts and our fitters deliver to the process managers machines tested in intensive operation.

Ultrasonic cutting allows the respect of your kinematics, slice by slice or grouping by tiling, cutting with evacuation of the notches and heels, ultra fine slices, removal of interlayers, accompanying cut at the exit of the rolling mill, multi-format slicing, cutting in the moulds or cubing in line. Our special micro-toothed and shaped ultrasonic blades allow a cut of all products.

The entire vibrating ultrasonic amplification chain is designed and manufactured by SODEVA, for high performance equipment that is one step ahead:

  • No sticking of the product on the blades which are up to 850 mm long
  • Pre-cutting of large primary formats and then cutting of small formats at fixed weight for cheese dairies
  • Clean and high quality cutting surface
  • Compact machines with a wide variety of applications
  • Scalable machines according to your needs
  • Extremely fine 3D or X-ray reconstruction of the products to be cut, minimization of heels and cuts,
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Versatile cutting without tooling change,
  • No limits on cheese wheel diameter or length, weight or thickness
  • Fully washable machines and easy maintenance of conveyor belts
  • Possibility to increase the cutting width by putting several blades in series
  • High speed slicing: from 60 to 120 cuts / min per blade
  • Maximum authorized power: 3 kW
  • Cutting amplitude: 100 µ cuts at 20 Khz or 35 Khz
  • We work with modules and slicing heads optimized by our design office, which saves time and delivery.

Our investments in research and development have enabled us to obtain patents protecting technologies now used in many industrial sectors.

Industrial slicer: food cutting

Sodeva designs and manufactures all of its cutting machines for the food industry, including all products, with its design office, boiler making, electronics, assembly, programs and development. We manufacture our own vibration-activated blades with ultrasonic or conventional technology. These vibrating blades can be up to one meter long. We install cutting lines for cheese, confectionery, pastry, industrial bakery or meat processing. Standard cutting machines are available for all products. A custom-made or adapted slicer is always possible to realize. The product to be sliced is tested to select the best blade and equipment. The cuts are fast, nice looking, appetizing and very precise. The ultrasonic blade called sonotrode can be installed in a cutting machine, divider, slicer, cutter, slicer and whatever the name is to process food products or composite materials, plastic as complex joints or textile and various products.

Manufacture of industrial slicers for cheese cutting

Cheese cutting with the right weight with portioning slicer from 100 Kg to the goat log, fixed weight (with volume reconstitution) or regulated weight and pieces. We design our weighing scales in line for slicing to the nearest gram, vertical cuts, horizontal ultrasound slicing or multi-station cutting of soft or hard cheeses. Round or rectangular formats can be handled by the same slicer. Our vision systems allow to produce cheese in wheels or lengths at a fixed weight and place the blades between the labels of the cheeses and produce slices at a fixed weight. A divider or cutter allows the fixed weight of the final slices. The cutting options and vibrations are designed to process soft, pressed, hard or semi-hard cheeses with a core well in the center of the wheel.

Manufacture of industrial machines for cutting confectionery

Confectionery cut by special ultrasonic blades with output in bars or cubes for nougat, fruit paste, chocolate, marshmallow or cereal bars. Our robots of small dimensions allow the programmable separation with our anti-sticking ultrasonic blades and the trimming of the products. The chocolate plates are cut into candies with a spacing allowing the in-line coating, the cereal bars are coated on slicers in 3x8H. Pressurized water jet cutting does not allow the spacing of the portions for coating. Our cutter allows a programmable spacing for all in-line coating of cereal bars, fruit jellies, nougat or chocolates. Our new Chococut model spaces each candy on your paper-lined plates for easy coating. The profile of the ultrasonic blade is studied to have straight cuts without bias with a generator adapted to the cutting of chocolate without melting the chocolate.

Manufacturing of industrial machines for pastry cutting

The pastries are cut in fresh or frozen from rectangular frames (from the mignardise to the mille feuilles), or cut in moulds for round pies in line on several conveyors with all speeds. The high frequency ultrasound achieves a smooth and appetizing slicing without cones and moisture from the water jet by separating well the parts for an easier packaging.
We have developed the slicing of frozen breads in line to supply sandwich shops, 7000 loaves can be sliced per hour but also rusks, dough before cooking to the right thickness or the scarification in line to make slices of buns. A very appreciated tool for industrial bakeries.

Our machines are equipped to produce cakes with a straight cut without bias. The cutting of 600×400 mm sheets is proposed with automatic cleaning of the vibrating blades.

Manufacture of industrial machines for cutting cakes

For the production of sausages, the cutting of pâtés or pâtés croute with weight management is a classic. Various compositions to be cut including meat or vegetables (artichoke, peppers, spinach...) in products and complementary parts for your slicer. The sonotrode is calculated to slice without sticking and at high speed the slices of pâtés in variable width. Our technology allows us to cut at high frequency with the energy of our multi-frequency generator the most complex multi-component products, meat pâté croute, terrines ... The cutting precision after weighing is a few grams. We use aeronautical quality titanium alloys to manufacture long-lasting blades. A Sodeva ultrasonic blade is repairable for a low cost.

Manufacturing of industrial machines for cutting stick cubes

Markets such as appetizers or tapas requiring small cubes or sticks are now accessible with our new thin and long swivel blade, the Vibracut sonotrode, which cuts into horizontal slices and then into cubes with these patented knives. The sliced products are conveyed in line to the packaging controlled by our slicers. A technical description of the machine will give you its size and technical capacity.

Integrated cleaning systems of the Ecolab brand can be installed in our machines to meet the hygiene standards of disinfection and optimized washing. The ultrasonic blades are automatically washed according to the cycle and the type of production. This technical combination is very profitable in food processing.

Our range of high-tech machines allows us to allocate a budget for each type of product at the best quality/price ratio including the best components because we are designers and manufacturers of all our machines, including the ultrasonic vibrating blades.

Our installations are present all over the world, from compact portioning machines to complete lines equipped with checkweighers with feedback from the cut on the weights recorded at the end of the line. The efficiency of the use of our equipment is thus permanently controlled by minimizing the overweight and optimizing the output. Each system is adapted to the country's standards. A code allows to connect to the automaton and to check its good functioning.

A machine in production sees its system adapted to the specifications of the customer. The materials are mainly made of stainless steel, the welding made by our boilermakers is polished on all sides to avoid any water retention. We retain the best solutions for an optimal ultrasonic use in our manufacture with edition of a sound certificate for the equipment with plastic insulation of great thickness. The electronic and composite components are of the best quality with the choice of the best supplier.

We have registered patents and trademarks that allow us to continuously improve the use of our ultrasonic slicing processes to match your machine solution for your production and to benefit you for the best processing and transformation of your product at high speed without loss. Our generators control the ultrasound in an optimal way with settings stored in the machine for each recipe.

Our manufacturing is integrated, design office, automation, electrical wiring, boiler making, laser cutting, machining, assembly and the machine line in production is equipped with all your recipes for your peace of mind with periodic supervision by internet and connection on remote system of your ultrasonic slicer all applications.

Our ultrasonic blades and technologies allow the cutting of composite products and equip cutting robots in the automotive industry to slice carbon, textile or rubber plates.

We offer high-tech sets composed of a 20 or 35 kHz high frequency generator (for cutting, welding or screening), a transmitter and a sonotrode from 200 mm to more than one meter in length. The ultrasound is controlled and adapted to all products with a blade control system of the highest quality to cut all materials. The center of the technology is the blade, which then allows the construction of a standard or custom machine. Our patents guarantee a constantly improved manufacturing process in areas of strength that our competitors cannot reach.

Tests are often useful to choose the best ultrasonic cutting solution.

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