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Our ultrasonic blades

Different blade shapes for different cutting methods

The main blade shapes correspond to a particular use for certain products.

Ultrasonic wedge blade at 10°

The simplest is the 10° corner blade, mainly used to make slices in meat products, pasta, pies, rillettes, or cakes. The slice will be pushed on the receiving belt because the angle is completely oriented towards the exit. These blades allow to cut without blocking the slice in height. Pasta with a height of more than 100 mm can be cut without difficulty.

Lame En Coin

Lame En Coin

Parallel edge ultrasonic blade

The blades called "parallel edge" allow a cut in the heart of the product such as cheese, cakes, pastry frames to be cubed frozen or fresh. The points or cubes obtained will be straight because the blade is thin. It is necessary to take care to take the adapted height, half wavelength is 65 mm of cutting height or wavelength is 140 mm of cutting height. The end of these blades can be symmetrical for pastry or asymmetrical for cheese.

Exponential ultrasonic blade

Exponential" blades are developed for products that do not require pushing or moving parts on belts or trays. They are thicker and support high cutting velocities.

Lame Exponentielle

Lame Exponentielle

Special ultrasonic blade

The special blades with a working wire (patented) to cut difficult products, meat, nougat, breast ...

All these types of blades can be equipped with serrations or micro serrations patented by SODEVA, ensuring an unequalled cutting speed and the slicing of products known to be difficult with fibers like rind or smoked pork belly. Please contact us for preliminary tests.

Lame Dentee Brevet

Lame Dentee Brevet

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