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Slicer for multi-format cutting

The food industry requires the processing of many different formats. This is why we offer machines that allow the slicing of several formats with the same machine.

We test a series of blades with or without ultrasounds of different shapes to choose the most suitable for your process. Our showroom allows you to test the machines in real size by video conference or in your presence.

Rectangular blocks and round wheels of cheese are made by the same machine with the addition if necessary of slices, cylinders or triangles in the bars.

Coupe Multiformat 1


The cutting of the pies is done into their molds with different diameters as well as the slicing of the rectangular slabs in their cardboard or aluminum molds.

Caterers appreciate machines that allow them to supply both mignardises and mille feuilles formats with cheese block or cheese wheel cutting functions for their sweet / savoury and sandwich canapés markets.

The cutting with escalope of foie gras all of different sizes is possible with adapted unitary holding systems.

The large Emmental type cheeses are sliced with our portioning machines into several rings with coring and then on the same machine cut into regular weight plates of low grammage from 200 grams.

Coupe Multiformat 4


Large formats such as Comté, Abondance or Gruyère, Emmentaler, Appenzeller or Emmental are processed by our compact machines allowing both pre-cutting into half-crowns and then into 200 gram portions of the right weight (integrated weighing).

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