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Industrial slicer for cutting meat products

Cutting of pâtés, terrines, mousses and cooked meat

Come and discover our new models of very small footprint with automatic weight control to supply the mass distribution with fixed weight, maxi performance at low price! We offer high speed in-line machines with fixed weight...

Decoupe Industrielle Foie Gras

Decoupe Industrielle Foie Gras

Our new slicer has already been chosen by many customers because of its versatility, small footprint and high throughput. Its ability to render perfect and appetizing slices by revealing a portion core showing the complex mixed compositions (stuffed salmon, pate filled with dried fruits, almond or nut inclusions, colored vegetables) has been decisive. Sodeva's experience in nougat slicing and the manufacturing of the cutting unit with special re-sharpenable blades (unique on the market) were decisive in the choice of this equipment equipped with a specific motorization essential for the correct use of Sodeva's ultrasonic blades in time.

Our new pie slicer was chosen by the market leader to meet their specifications.

Decoupe Industrielle Jambon Persille

Decoupe Industrielle Jambon Persille

The cutting of salmon terrines and stuffed salmon was appreciated by our new customer for the quality of the cut and the perfect result.

Decoupe Industrielle Jambon

Decoupe Industrielle Jambon

SODEVA EXPERTISE that designs the entire machine and adapts it to your needs:

  • Machines with several cutting tracks,
  • Weighing then cutting to obtain very precise slice weights, which is essential for mass distribution markets
  • No sticking of the product on the blade, which is very important in the case of pâtés for example or compound terrines
  • Slices can be tiled and grouped in the required weights
  • Possibility of automatic cleaning of the blade, between each product, to avoid any cross-contamination through the cut,
  • The vibrating blades are able to slice frozen products
  • Connection to the remote PLC for program maintenance and modifications without additional costs
  • Machine easily and completely washable, quick removal of carpets,
  • Compact machines, automatic heel and toe management, continuous loading, automatic flow pack deposit, heel and toe management with automatic discharge
  • Clean and high quality cutting surface, perfectly equal slices in thickness,
  • Compact and scalable machines according to your needs
  • Versatile cutting without tooling change, and easy maintenance
  • High speed slicing: from 60 to 120 cuts / min.
  • Very competitive prices

Our numerous references are available on request.


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Compact in line for liver pâtés and various products

Compact in line for liver pâtés and various products

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