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Cut with spacing to coat automatically

We provide solutions for the production of chocolates or confectionery in line which allow, from demolded Slabs, to space out the products and then send them to the enrobing/coating decoration made on exit conveyors.

The cutting can be done on removable trays, mobile conveyors equipped with trays or unloading conveyors to coating machines and finally on a series of in-line conveyors.

The fine trimmings of the slabs are automatically evacuated, which avoids reworking of the slabs.

We offer machines with a small footprint suitable for various small volumes for craftsmen and also for larger volumes. The cutting machine performs the work by cutting all formats easily, with a more or less important spacing to feed your coating machines.

A series of varied productions can thus be carried out without changing tools in multi-formats in a reduced space by working on the slabs to bring them successively the maximum added value without loss of time.

For our pastries customers, this 600x400 mm plate spacing allows the trimming of cakes or logs, both fresh and frozen, on conveyors whose advancement is activated once the group has been completed.

This spacing allows for convenient packaging without the need for manual separation.

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