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Fixed weight food cutting

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Decoupe Aliment Poids Fixe

Decoupe Aliment Poids Fixe

Distributors want pre-packaged portions at an exact, consistent weight, known as the fixed weight cut(minimizing the overweight in tolerances respected). The extra weight (give-away is weight not enough to do one portion) inherent in all cheeses is handled specifically. We automatically distribute it or isolate the excess weight for grating or variable weight sales, or transfer the excess weight to the last slice. There is no more loss on the cheeses because all the weight is sold without any excess weight lost!

Fixed weight cheese cutting

No cheese has the same weight and the first saving is the material. This is why we have designed machines capable of extracting the excess weight and then cutting the remaining cheese into portions that comply with the TU1 (Tolerance Under) and TU2 legal standards that Sodeva applies as a manufacturer.

The vision or X-ray systems can be adapted to our models after the production start-up when your sales volume requires it.

Decoupe à Poids Fixe Tranche à Tranche

Decoupe à poids fixe tranche à tranche

We have developed a new patent that allows us to cut bars and wheels (all diameters without tooling modification) at a fixed weight while maintaining them permanently during the cut. The result is excellent, making us win comparative competitions all over the world. No change of tools and therefore a maximum productivity... The long cheeses (all lengths and heights) or wheels (all diameters) are loaded on the same machine and automatically centered, cored if necessary, then weighed, scanned and sliced at a fixed weight if the option is chosen. The wheels can be cut at fixed weight in rings and we carry out the pre-cutting of the blocks of 20 Kg if necessary, the lengths can also be sliced in triangles, sandwich slices and tiling with interlayers. Complete lines are available, from raw formats to checkweighing, managing the excess weight recovered during the process. We realise the portions to facilitate the packaging of the fixed weight portions respecting the TU1 and TU2 norms.

With a standard process, the cut is not driven by a vision system, and the weight of the portions is relatively approximate, weight management is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage and margins.

To compensate, a costly overweight must be added to each slice to meet the distributors' standards, which strongly penalizes the manufacturer's cost price.

This overweight can now be greatly reduced thanks to the implementation of our expert high speed vision system: fixed weight cutting by high speed 3D reconstitution of the exact cutting volume adaptable to all products. X-ray analysis is also available to scan cheeses with variable densities, cutting open cheeses "with holes" for a fixed weight guaranteeing an excellent return on investment. Efficient slicing on dedicated cutting lines, cheese wheel formats and loins on the same machine.

Cutting pastries and meat products at fixed weight

Each slice corresponds to a volume calculated to the nearest gram, for cheeses, pastries and meat products. Our cameras scan and calculate in record time the volume of the products and then of the slices and the robot pilots the blades exactly at the points that allow the slices to be cut at the same weight.

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Fixed weight cheese cutting

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